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Myocastor coypus

Order: Rodentia

Family: Myocastoridae


Sex: unknown

Age: adult

Skull length: 94 mm

Skull width: 57 mm

Skull height: 60 mm

Skull weight: 46 g

Cleaning method: macerated

Cleaned by: Ádám Pereszlényi

Uploaded: 17 September 2015


360 degree view


High resolution images

Click on the thumbnails below to open the image in full size.

Coypu (Myocastor coypus) skull lateral view Coypu (Myocastor coypus) skull dorsal view Coypu (Myocastor coypus) jaw Coypu (Myocastor coypus) skull ventral view

3D model

Coypu (Myocastor coypus) skull 3D model Coypu (Myocastor coypus) skull 3D model Coypu (Myocastor coypus) skull 3D model Coypu (Myocastor coypus) skull 3D model Coypu (Myocastor coypus) jaw 3D model

Click the link below to download the 3D model. The file contains two mesh objects, which are scaled lifesize. In case of 3D printing we suggest to 3D print the objects separately. Click here for copyright details.
(Faces: 2 x 200,000; Filesize: 35.3 Mb)


The models are made by Marcell Erdődi.


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